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meet the book bitches

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Kat and Cass are two twenty-something year old women who work in health care. When they met eight years ago, neither knew what to expect from their budding friendship. What ensued was a relationship cemented in Netflix, napping, and books. They quickly bonded over their love for Twilight, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games. Their shared passion took a back seat when they started graduate school and both experienced a years-long reading slump. While stuck in quarantine both became addicted to watching "booktoks"; TikToks dedicated to all things books and reading. This inspired the first of many book orders and soon, Kat and Cass were reading a book a week. They had always joked about starting a book-themed podcast and sharing their love of books with others who loved to read. Luckily, with an abundance of time on their hands, they did just that and Two Book Bitches was born. Join them on their bookish journey every week wherever you listen to podcasts. 





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